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            英语四级作文预测 2019年6月英语四级写作答案15篇及词汇(9)

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              Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic “Internet and Privacy”/”Internet and Potential Risks”/”Internet and the Chinese tradition”.



              The Internet has penetrated every aspect of daily life and exerted a huge impact on our life. For example, Microblogs and Wechat are two forms of new media. Various people, regardless of their age, gender or background, are involving in creating their own microblogs and using Wechat.

              Opinions vary greatly when it comes to whether these new technology is a boon or a bane. Time and again, science and technology has created wonders and even miracles, thus fortifying our belief in it. Technological innovation really brings us much convenience, exerting a huge impact on our traditional cultures. However, there is a growing concern about the potential drawbacks the Internet, especially in terms of personal security. For example, WeChat may expose one’s location to strangers by positioning function, cheat one’s friends by faking identity, and lose one’s money in the electronic wallet.

              Owing to the accelerated pace of contemporary life, people’s work and life are increasingly confined to a narrow space. However, in face of new technology, we should be prudent. On the macro level, the government and authority should make relevant policies and measures. On the micro level, we should learn to make rational use of the Internet and protect our own information.


              privacy 隐私

              information leakage 信息泄露

              online transaction 在线交易

              positioning function 定位功能

              electronic wallet 电子钱包

              fake one’s identity 伪造身份

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